Are you students THRIVING or surviving? Three suggestions to help them Thrive this year…

  The furthest distance in your school… it’s NOT what you think. Many students I encounter would more than happily be sent to the principal’s or dean’s office to be called out on a presenting behavior. But quite often, the behavior being presented at school is NOT the real issue. A recent study at John […]

Sustainability… 3 tips that may be a good idea in the event of…

As you may recall, in 2011 we had a turn of events that caught us fully off guard. Districts had to conduct drastic cuts in staff and expenses. Programs suffered and the long term effect on the psyche in education is felt to this day. Here are a few tips for sustainability: 1. Put some […]

Identifying Traumatized Children

Identifying Traumatized Children

Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in Safety | 2 Comments

Identifying Seriously Traumatized Children:┬áTips for Parents and Educators Following exposure to crisis events (such as natural disasters, acts of violence, and the death of a friend or family member) it is not unusual for children to display symptoms of acute distress (such as shock, crying, anger, confusion, fear, sadness, grief, and pessimism). In most cases […]


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