The COPS are coming and so is Alice Ray!

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_bannerIt isn’t everyday I get to arise and be greeting by warm orange sunlight streaming through my windows here in the Northwest. In fact, it’s a rare event and today it reminded me that life is good! But there is something even sunnier about California; the chance to work with Ripple Effects and the amazing people it calls into my life. Next week, LAUSD’s COPS (Charter Operated Program SELPA) is hosting a meeting with Alice Ray where we are sponsoring a group of teachers in whom we truly believe. I have had the experience, these past many years, of seeing teachers in many states appearing to be beaten down and dissuaded from trying. As with everything in education, I am happy to say that I see that pale distance a flicker of hope cropping up again and the pendulum going to an exciting new direction in Californian education. So much so that we are inviting everyone from teachers to Superintendents in the Southern California region to some workshops on what to do with students in ISS (In School Suspension). What DO we do in ISS? Well, my experience has been to walk in and witness students sitting around an office (obviously out of class), texting, bullying, sleeping, throwing spitwads, hitting, distracting secretaries and just… sitting. I even ran into a student sitting in a corner. REALLY?!

So, what we are proposing is that this time be used for instruction of positive behaviors and offer foster children equanimity of behavioral instruction. Behaviors that quite often are not being taught by parents, foster parents or sometimes, even by teachers. This is why Alice Ray, the creator of Second Step has graciously offered to come to Southern California and conduct workshops on those tier 2 and tier 3 behavioral challenges. To enroll in either of the two dates, check out our venues and sign up while we have a few seats left:

Mission Inn in Riverside August 21, 2014

Luminarias in Monterey Park August 19, 2014

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