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As the end of the school year arrives, I am taking the moment to reflect back on the many changes that took place. Resilience is not my fort√© but it is something of which I am aware. As I visit the schools, they are morphing from the Axe wearing, gum chewing, text messaging capitals of the world, to the warm musty havens of quiet and solitude that I at once nestle into like a pair of my favorite slippers. We made it through yet another school year. But, I cannot help but wonder what will come of those kids who disappeared from our classrooms. You know those kids; the ones who never did well on the barrage of assessments we fired at them on an almost weekly basis. Or the kids who came to school loaded on who knows what… or the kids who just didn’t have a snowballs hope in Modesto in summer.

As I was working with Bering Strait School District last year, it was brought to my attention the wide variety of drugs and substances our students are gaining access to in order to numb out their feelings. Spice, an elusive pariah, continues to show up and in a desperate frame of mind, the students seek to escape the reality of their boring, hopeless and fear based lives. It isn’t just in Alaska, every other state, including Kentucky are facing similar crises. Recently, Kentucky was awarded the Project Prevent Award. Here is a group of people who sought innovation, sustainability and hope for their students. I hope you’ll check them out.

America’s Promise Alliance also has some ideas on tools to use.

Where I am going with this? My hope is that you will find solutions that are befitting our students, not our needs. They interface with computers and phones: they don’t trust schools… much less governments that have run them and their teachers into the ground. They need unbiased support. They need to know that there are tools of healthy living for them; kits that are safe and aren’t going to judge them nor, report them for abusing drugs and/or each other. While there are some similarities, they face so many different issues than we faced as kids. I encourage you to get into the research and find out what will support them and their parents as required in our LCAP. I have resigned from my other companies to solely represent the company I feel addresses the most urgent needs of our students. I am giving my life to the passion of phone calls reporting suicides and overdoses and the need to “do something”.¬† As my friend Sue Fridley used to say, “Be prophylactic” which, if you knew Sue, was a HOOT. Just keeping our kids in school rather than discarding them may be the greatest way to say “I’m your teacher and I care about you”. Enjoy your summer… but while you do, remember there are some disastrous lives entering your room in September. Are you ready? If not, call me…


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